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My Other Blog Failed

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Pinay Mommy Online has been very blessed lately with few money making activities. Though it makes me happy knowing that it can help me with my financial problems, it really worries me also that the turnabout of my posts are happening very fast. I don’t want my readers to miss out some important matters.

So, I decided to submit my blog OnlineBiz and Resources. Unfortunately, since it blogs about online business opportunities and online business resources, my blog posts were considered as all paid though I only made one paid post their (aside from the survey) and the rest are non-paid posts already. Well, it’s really so sad that my other blog didn’t make it.

I really wanted Pinay Mommy Online to take some rest. But (still fortunately), I really needed the money (and I am not a fake to admit it). If its available, then, I would grab it. My kids not being enrolled is starting to worry me (and breaking my heart into pieces). So, I needed every possible way to earn money and make ways for them to be enrolled this school year.
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theworkingmom May 17, 2008 - 6:29 pm

Hi, you can always start another blog. Something else that separates YOU from being a mommy, if you get what I mean. You may get more opps that way 🙂




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