My Prize for Top Commentator for February 2012

I was not able to buy some goodies last month so I decided to send my prize to my top commentator, Sherry, via Paypal. So my top commentator last February 2012 got herself $20 Paypal Cash!!!

Again, thank you so much Sherry!! See you again soon!! Don’t forget to visit my blog again. 🙂

If you want to participate in my Top Commentator Monthly Giveaway, click HERE to read the official mechanics. You might be the next recipient of a surprise gift!!

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15 thoughts on “My Prize for Top Commentator for February 2012

  1. Oh wow! Didn’t know about this! LOL! I want to win too! Hi Mommy Ruby, can we be closer friends? haha. I miss making kulit like this sa mga blogs. But honestly, I want to win! Hahaha.. Passing by Mommy! See you soon again!

  2. wow, this is nice. You comment and you could win. Im a beginner on blogging and found you through a friend who is a blogger as well.I do leave comments once in a while and now I guess i have to do it more often. I hope I win too.hehehe

  3. wow.. too bad im not the top commentator. i will no strive hard to be the top commentator, i hope when i win it will be paypal cash too!! 🙂

  4. Hi,Friend.I think the “many happy returns” thing would be a little gauche if the person has maybe a week more to live.Happy Birthday.

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