My Supportive Husband *

One thing I liked about my hubby since I started cooking is that he has been very supportive. He always makes sure that every time I cook he eats at least two plates full. I know my cooking is not delicious nor far from being perfect but he always reciprocate the efforts I put in my dishes. He always comments that my cooking is delicious and that he is very full after every meal.

Of course, he also comments that this needs something a little of that or this is how you do it to make the seasoning seep inside the meat. But still he eats a lot of my cooking which makes me feel like I am in Cloud 9!

Ever since we have been buying food, he only eats a little bit of this and that. Therefore, it’s been awhile since I saw him eat the way I wanted him to eat. Well, I am not really planning to make him fat. In fact, I am contemplating about saving for some ellipticals. I want him to eat well but also I want him to burn those extra fats. I know it’s not from the food he eats but from the beers he drinks.

So, I want him to lose those and stay healthy. I always dream of getting old with my husband and enjoy life, not taking care of him because he is so sick. 🙂

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  • jade

    Hi Mommy,

    very nice written…ako rin I want to grow old with my husband. I love spending time with him.

    How’s the pregnancy?

  • maicel

    hay naku mommy, ganyan dn ako nung una. pero natuto rin after some time. nood ka ng maraming cooking videos sa youtube and research ng maraming recipes. favorite site ko,
    if you havent seen it, visit mo! popular food blog sya! at kind ang owner. hehehe, patient sa mga questions.

    o sha, good luck sa homemaking journey mo! rewarding pero nakakapagod at nakakastress din minsan.

    so happy for you.

  • admin

    @ Mommy Jade,

    Definitely growing old with someone you love is a great way to spend the golden years! 😳

    @ Mommy Maicel,

    That is so true. Cooking is very stressful tapos afterward ako pa ang naghuhugas plato kasi yung pamangkin ko is always missing in action kung kelan may work needed. Hays! 😯

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