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My Three Columns Thisaway Template

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It’s me again. Blogging at home – still sick!!Well, I maybe sick but my passion for this blog has gone far. Being a newbie blogger (always disapproved by many pay-per-post advertiser due to my blog’s age TIPS for NEW BLOGGERS! ” and of course for Google for ushering me to that blog.

Not so well versed in html and xml coding, I was able to follow all of the instruction in about 3 hours!! LOL!! Yes! Three “labor of love” hours just to have this uploaded properly – fearing that I might end-up last time.

Well, it’s finally finished!! And so…some of my avid readers have complained that it’s loading so slow but when they finally see the finished product…they say “not bad!!” A two-word compliment is enough for me to cherish what I have accomplished today.

About loading slow, I have removed some pictures and banners to make it a little more faster.

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K.S.Lye January 22, 2008 - 10:10 am

Hello Pinoy Mommy..congrats on your 3 column template..done up very nicely…keep in touch with me.We shall exchange blogger tips.and become blogger friends..thanks for the viral links..it really works!! mine is increasing like 15-20links a day…try and see…good night.


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