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My Top 10 Commentators

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I was really glad my friend Mariuca visited me today. Cause you see, when I followed her back to her blog, I was able to read about the widget I was dying to get – the top 10 commentators for
a blogger platform. And guess what! The widget was created by Amanda of Blogger Buster – the same mommy who created my blog’s template! Hehehe… It was funny, I was busy browsing her blog for templates and just to discover that the widget I was looking for all this time is also at the same blog.

Anyway, I am grateful for Mariuca for being the medium of this discovery and Amanda for being so helpful in all ways. Click HERE to get your widget.

Here are my top 10 commentators (you can view it at the right side of my blog):
To all of you guys! Thank you very much.

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