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Last June 2015, I was blessed to have experienced my first international travel. I went to Vietnam for three months as a volunteer teacher. Since it was my first time, I was a little apprehensive on how my body would respond on an unfamiliar place with a different environment, weather, and food.  So, I prepared some travel essentials to make my first trip a success. Let me share to you my list…

1. Jacket or Scarf. Whenever I travel, I always bring with me a jacket or a scarf. I want to feel warm especially while riding a plane. In this case, I brought with me a scarf. Aside from keeping me warm, I use it to cover my face whenever I sleep. I don’t want people see me drool. Nyahahaha…

2. Medicine Kit with Multivitamins. Since I have allergic rhinitis, I always bring with me a pack of antihistamines and some medicines from Unilab such as Dizitab for motion sickness, Diatabs for diarrhea, and Biogesic for headache or fever that I can take even on an empty stomach. My eye drops for my dry eyes, liniments, and most importantly, my multivitamins ~ Conzace!

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3. Sleeping Pillow. I am asleep most of the time except when travelling during daytime where I can see a lot of beautiful views.

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4. Bathroom Essentials. Wet tissues: Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Make-Up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes, pH Care Feminine Wipes and an ordinary wet wipes. Yeah… yeah… I think you get the gest why I have different wet wipes with me. Hehehehe… And there’s toothbrush, a few pads of panty liners and napkins.

5. Handy Dandy Laptop Bag. I need a sturdy one to carry all my travel documents, items from 1 to 4, wallet, and of course, my laptop!

These travel essentials are the things I carry with me aside from my checked baggage. And for sight-seeing, I bring with me a scarf and a buddy bag containing my wallet and medicines.

By the way, I have a different list if I go travelling with my kids. I will blog about it separately soon.

How about you? What do consider as your travel essentials?

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