My Trick Out Photo

Halloween Blog Party
Mommy Vhiel invited me to join her Halloween Blog Party. Since I love blog parties, I decided to join and participate in her contest. Here is my entry to her “Trick Out Photo” Contest. I hope it stand a chance. This photo was taken last October 31, 2007 about a year ago.

Frame credits goes to Tickled Pink Digiscrap’s Boo! Freebies and was edited using Paint and PhotoShop CS3.

By the way, if you want to join, please click on the banner above for more details. ^_^

4 thoughts on “My Trick Out Photo

  1. Mommy Ruby,
    You have a nice costume for haloween ha..I’m sure isa ka sa mananalo nyan. btw,I’ve tagged you for the seven random things about you..hope you would answer it for us to be able to know each other.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for participating the contest. You can just send the EC credits to me so i will send it to whoever wins. God bless!

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