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Natural Sunlight Enhanced in Primavera Condo Design


Sunlight is one of the best sustainable energy sources that we have available in the Philippine. Primavera Residences, an eco-friendly, climate resilient building developed by Italpinas Eurasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI) is taking advantage of this natural energy source throughout its mixed-use, environment-friendly building.

The Philippines is joining the long line of countries adopting green practices, not only in Filipino lifestyle but also with architectural and home design. When we say “green” it means that the building and its occupants will be maintaining a sustainable condition in the long without additional costs. An eco-friendly building is designed to allow for proper ventilation air to pass through and around the building and cool it down better. Everyone would enjoy the feeling of fresh air, unlike other building where it can become very humid and “kulob.”

Natural Sunlight is also enhanced in “green” buildings for occupants to enjoy and appreciate eco-friendly living even more. When your living area gets more natural light, you can save more on your electric bills because your space is well lighted all throughout the day. Primavera Residences is formed and designed so that the building will receive lots of sunlight during the day. Atop the building is solar panels to generate electricity to be used in the common areas thus reducing living costs for the occupants.

Green design is now considered the future for real estate and ITPI is the forerunner in the country’s green building design. We can expect more green projects utilizing natural light, ventilation and sustainable energy sources from the company that brought Primavera Residences. The Cagayanons are very lucky to be one of the first in the country to enjoy uptown living that is eco-friendly and designed with convenience, comfort, and cost-efficiency in mind.

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