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NBA Console Games and the Real Thing

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Here’s what I know, NBA is something that men tend to follow – and even some women, too. Admittedly, not all women know what is going on in the NBA, but that really does not stop them from watching some of the games and ogling on the sweaty tall guys.

Now apparently kids are in with the NBA fever, especially that these days are leading up to the inevitable playoff season. One, I believe is going to be a huge fight. Between the top teams of the league (did I get that right?).

What I did not know is that there are also NBA console games or computer games that people who love NBA can play, too. I just saw a post of a friend remarking on how the iPhone had a game or app to play NBA. This made me wonder if there is also a Wii game where players can also play NBA teams? Or is it just PlayStation or Xbox?

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