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Nearing the Big 40

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It is not a secret. I think most of my friends already know that I am turning 40 years old. To be exact, I will be turning 40 years old this month. I will be entering the phase that I could legitly say that “Life begins at 40!” Well, does it? Hahaha…

Age is Just a Number

Or is it? If you look around social media, a lot of people around the world don’t really mind age. But fo course, it is depending on what situation you are in. I still believe that age has its limitations because society still sets limitations of what can be done at a certain age. But still, it depends. Example, here in the Philippines, there are jobs that you can’t apply when you are 40 years but you can at a certain position and depending on your experience.

Another thing is with our body. At a certain age, your body has limits on what it can do. There are things that you used to doing before but can find it hard doing it again right now. For me, I can eat a lot when I was younger and not gain weight. But now, if I ate a lot, I will end up piling up kilos of weight within a few days!

Age is just a number if you really live a life free of the cares of this world. You can still enjoy life depending on your goal despite the limitations everyone is putting on you including your body. I have seen a lot of men and even women defy expectations in the realm of health and even in careers. So, I suggest we should try even if we are already 40 years old. We would never know. We might be one of the few exceptions in the world.

Emotional Uncertainties

I haven’t talked about it openly here in my blog, a single blog post devoted to what happened, but for everyones+’s benefit, I am already a single mom. I am not legally separated but we have parted ways for almost 7 or 8 years now. Since then, I don’t have any relationships or whatsoever. I haven’t been actively looking or maybe just because I am still uncertain about relationships right now.

Since I am nearing 40 years old, I think having a relationship again hasn’t serious entered my mind right now. I tried chatting as recommended by my friends, but I think I am into it. So emotionally, I think I have uncertainties about this that I don’t want to explore as of the moment.

Laban Lang, Live Life with No Regrets

After experiencing the pain of a broken marriage, I told myself that I shouldn’t live my life with regrets anymore. I don’t want to have hesitations because life is short and feeling sorry for myself would surely send me down to the ditches. Not that I didn’t feel sorry about myself, but I have awoken and committed to not to sulk anymore. I want to experience more of the many things that I have missed in life. I was married at an early age so I got into serious adulting immediately. I had to forcibly mature myself just to handle whatever problem that was thrown at me. I need to stand up.

And because of this, I wasn’t able to experience a lot of things that a young woman should be exploring. I wasn’t able to think about myself and what I can do to improve myself. All I have in my mind is work because I have kids to feed. Well, this time, it’s still the same but I factored myself in inside the equation. It is not all about my kids anymore, but I also take care of my well-being. A happy mother equals happy children.

Life as I Approach the Big 40

I am not saying that I am already up in the clouds with happiness, but my walk as I continue this journey is still a process I am willing to take. There are times that I still get emotional, but I always acknowledge that I am weak and of course, I need God in my life.

My life is far from perfect but with God’s help, I am thriving. My little family of four is still in a chaotic bliss, but still, I believe and continuously hope and pray that things will get better as I get better myself.


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