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Guess what!! Somebody is celebrating their birthday month with me. Well, if you are a blogger who is actively monetizing your blogs, I guess you already know who. Yup! Izea celebrated their second year as a company in providing quality blog ads for advertisers.
Izea has grown as an innovative web-based company having SocialSpark and PayPerPost under its umbrella. They have become an established company in the field of social media marketing. If you are an advertiser and want to make a mark in the world of online marketing, Izea can provide you with innovative ways to get your word cross to customers. They have many ground-breaking ways in doing this. For instance, SocialSpark can be a place for you as advertisers to virtually interact with bloggers. You can socially interact with them and so as the bloggers can market their blogs freely. You can also use PayPerPost for paid blogging to help you get the buzz you want.Izea does not only offer social media marketing services such as blog posts, but now you can have blog sponsorships and also product sampling.

For only two years, they have helped advertisers create the much needed buzz. So, if you’re planning to advertise via social media like blogs, head now to IZEA and get that traffic going!

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irish July 2, 2008 - 11:01 pm

hello mommy ruby. i wish you all the best on your birthday. by the way, when is you birthday?


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