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My father called me the other day. He asked me about my ideas on what my room would look like. As we all know, my dad have already started our home renovation in Cagayan de Oro City last month. So, I replied that I want my room to be comfortable and beautiful. Since I will be staying there most of the time, might as well make it a better looking place.

And because of my concept, my dad said I would need another budget for interior designing. He said that the amount we have allocated was enough to make our place private but not make it beautiful. Well, I understand what he said. With the entire price hike in our country, it would be a miracle if he would be able to fit all the expenses of the renovation with the budget we allocated.

Speaking of interior designing, I have checked www.blindschalet.com lately and I saw a lot of nice window blinds there. Since I am planning to install window blinds at our room, I started looking for ideas what my window blinds should be. So far, I have seen many beautiful blinds that would surely make my room beautiful and comfortable. Now my problem is… where shall I find the budget for this?

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