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It’s already 2:34 early dawn and I haven’t grabbed any opportunities yet. This is not actually the first time I am having a lonely “no-opp” night or dawn (whatever you call it). It has been like this lately. Since blogging is my only source of income right now, it really makes me sooooo worried. Anyway, I am trying to stay optimistic as I can. Don’t want to think about negative thoughts since I already have too much downbeat situations in my life right now.Oh well, life goes on they say. Currently, I am sincerely clicking and dropping – seeing new ways to earn online and discovering new and interesting blogs. Then suddenly, a question came into my mind: “Do bloggers play favorites among their blogs?” I mean seriously…if you have many blogs like me, do you feel like posting in one blog that the other? Not that you don’t have the time to do it, but you know, a deep sense of feeling that you like to make this blog beautiful and updated always compared to another blog of yours?? Gesh!! I sounded like a blog addict. LOL!!
Well, that was only a question that I really wanted to blog about. It’s always pops on my mind so maybe asking it I would get a 2 cents worth of your idea.

As for me, I prefer all of them. I think, like children, they have different qualities (niche) and unique personalities (writing tone). Pinay Mommy Online is a personal mixed-bag blog while Online Biz and Resources is a personal blog on business and blogging resources. I could not rant at both blogs! They cater to different needs. If you notice, I put-up blog widgets here but do much of the blogging at the later blog. And since I am only one, I too have to divide my time among them, making sure they are updated and beautiful.

You might be asking…how about your kids?? TOP RANK PRIORITY!!

Speaking about my six blogs, have you linked with them already?? If not, I am running a LINK ME UP EC PROMO. It’s a pre-birthday bash contest to all who wished to link-up with my blogs. It’s fun and easy. Of course, it’s a win-win situation. You link, I link back and you get entries to my birthday bash contest plus 50 entrecard credits for free! Interested? Thought so…CLICK HERE to know more.


PS. Can’t think of an appropriate title. Hehehehe…

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