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As I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I am now having a major difficulty in handling my credit card bills. It is hard to pay and settle them when, as of now, I am the only one providing the basic needs of the children (food, clothing, and school requirements) and also electric bill of my parents house (we are staying here). Before when I was the one withdrawing my husband’s salary, I could juggle all things and be able to run payments before due dates. Now, since he always make-up excuses of not sending us money, I already incurred over dues and consistent follow-up calls from credit card companies. I am badly in need of a credit consolidation!It is very frustrating actually. I have tried hard to make this family running smooth and you find a partner that doesn’t make any partnership when financial tribulations come! Forgive me for this rant but you know that my blog is where I vent out my feelings. I can’t talk to my parents and even to my husband. And of course, my children are yet young to carry such financial problems.

Oh well, these are the times that I really wished I was living in the US. Most American families suffer from such financial cases like I am into right now. There, they could get the help of a debt consolidator right away. Most of these companies can be accessed online. Information is always available 24hours to help them with their debt consolidation needs. One of these credit counseling agencies is Debt Consolidation. They have helped thousands of Americans consolidate their credit card debts and also reduce interests; thus giving each families or individuals a better hope of improving the quality of their financial lives. They are also a trusted company by Better Business Bureau on online legitimate companies.

How I really wish that I could get help such as this!! I really need one right now.

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