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Needing a Wireless Router

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My husband and I are avid internet users and so as our two school-aged children. Aside from my work, hubby uses the internet for entertainment purposes such as viewing music videos or movie trailers at YouTube. My children on the other hand use the internet to play online flash games, search for song lyrics or school projects.

Because the whole family is into the life online, I have decided to buy a wireless router next year after we buy a laptop or additional personal computer. I am thinking between D-Link routers or Linksys routers. These brands are just one of the leading manufacturers of wireless routers. Anyway, I like D-Link’s RangeBooster N or Linksys Wireless-N. I think these two can get me a high performance wireless network which I really need for my work online.

D-Link’s RangeBooster ND-Link’s RangeBooster N

Linksys Wireless-NLinksys Wireless-N

Anyway, I only need a wireless router enough to accommodate a personal home network here in our house; enough to accommodate the mom, the dad and one computer for the two children.

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