Nega Thoughts but Hoping

Baby boy is a little bit OK now. Though he is still sick, I believed that he is starting to recover from it. Thank you very much guys for all the prayers that you had for him. He is slowly growing strong day by day. Hopefully be better soon in the next few days!
As I have posted earlier…my hubby is coming home. Though I am excited and happy, I am very fearful inside. Many negative thoughts and questions are starting to creep-in…like is he here for me and my kids? Or are we only the excuse for him to see his other woman and child? If he is gone from my sight, we will he go? Definitely, he doesn’t want me around all the time because he will always make an excuse that he must be with his parents or friends…will he be? Ohhh…so many negativities and its worrying me already…

I am really happy but the worries are greater and it’s scaring the best out of me. Anyway, I don’t wanna think about it but it’s hard. I really need a major help here…I need God’s strength to surpass all these things.

Anyway, I am really hoping things would go fine. No fights! No arguments! Only plain love and understanding…as marriage should have it. I don’t want to expect much but I hope we will be able to create happy memories with our children. Something that will make us hope always for the best for this family!!

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  • Mummy SHENG

    i can uderstand what you’re feeling. but let’s just hope for the best! i wish your hubby will just spend all his time with you and with the kids.

    take care always!

  • Pinay WAHM

    I’ve written a very long comment on this one but I decided to delete it. I know how much you love him so I won’t even go there. Just do what’s best for YOU! Okay?

    Mommy J

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