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Just the other week, I saw a Neo netbook at the mall. The price was around 16 thousand pesos. Considering the specifications of the netbook, I should say the amount was extremely low. If I had money, it would have been a good buy.

After walking away from the computer store, I remembered the times when I was still eligible for payday loans. The price of 16 thousand would be easier to get considering the fact that regular employees like me (at that time) was eligible to avail the company’s financial assistance either for emergency use or luxury as long as the amount can be deducted monthly from our salary.

Now, as a blogger and I need to buy big ticket items, the only resource I have is to save for that certain amount or if my husband give it to me. Anyway, I just hope that the netbook will still be available next year as my husband promised to give me one by the middle of January. That would be awesome!

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Ai-saka December 27, 2010 - 5:48 am

I feel the same too a lot of times! If only it rained money, lol.


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