New Hope! New Theme!

After being granted an increase in page relevance, I have decided to finally change my theme. I have been using my old theme since February 2009 (in time for Valentine’s Day) up to awhile ago and now decided to use a new one!

Old WordPress Theme
Old Theme = Valentine

New WordPress Theme
New Theme = Super Adsense

Thanks to Mommy Paula of Happy Thoughts, Happy Tots, I have found a simple but functional theme. Though we are using the same Super Adsense WordPress Theme, I have decided to modify a bit to suit my taste and preferences. I would like to thank ChiQ Montes of guiding me to this theme and also Iris Mejia for giving me the easiest download link of the latest version.

Now, I felt that there is a new hope with all these things that happened. I hope this is also the key to help me in my current financial problems.

So, how do you find my new theme? Isn’t it great or great? 😀

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9 thoughts on “New Hope! New Theme!

  1. @MeiYah: Thank you very much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am glad you like it.

    @Happy Thoughts: You are indeed an angel to me today! 😀

    @Phebz: Mao jud Cuz! hehehe

  2. @Chris: Thanks! I think I badly needed one.

    @OnlineMommy: My favorite color is actually blue but since I started Pinay Mommy Online with pink. I stayed with it na. It’s a branding thing. 😀

    As for templates, WP has more themes than blogger. When I switched to WP, I was really glad that there were many plugins to help you out. Especially if you wanted to get something back, like your page relevance. 😉

    @GenGen: Thanks Mommy Gen for the visit. Muah!

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