New Learnings: Closed Captioning


Have you ever wondered how subtitles are made? Subtitles are the text you commonly see at the lower portion of the screen while you watch movies in DVD formats. Subtitles where created either for language translation or for making the deaf understand. These texts are incorporated to movies through closed captioning.
Closed captioning is done best when translators are well-educated in the language used and if done through state-of-the-art equipments. There are many companies nowadays that offer captioning services but sometimes, you need to find great providers to prevent poor translations. Watching movies with poor translation is very irritating. I think you understand what I mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Lalaine

    hi rubs,,you must be very busy now ha? grabbing all the opps in your PR blogs,…wow! i’m so excited for you! take care!

  • Mummy Sheng

    hello mummy ruby!

    thanks for your concern! your gesture is very much appreciated! i won’t forget that, my dearest mummy friend!

    i’m just thankful that hubby wasn’t harmed.

    thank you once again for dropping some concern, though i know you’ve got your own problems too.

    that means a lot to me!

    thanks again and god bless you and your loving family!

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