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New Learnings: Colloids

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I have learned another new term. It is called colloids. Though the name is unfamiliar, I have discovered that colloids are very much part of our everyday lives. Examples of these colloids are styrofoam, gelatin, milk and paint.

As defined by Mr. Wikipedia, a colloid…” is a type of mechanical mixture where one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another.” The colloidal system may appear in many forms such as a gaseous substance, liquid or in solid form. It also consists of two separate phases. These are continuous phase and dispersed phase.

The most common use of commercial colloids is dietary supplements. One of the famous dietary supplements in the market that is widely used is colloidal silver. As liquid colloids can be absorb by the body in a hasty manner it may be considered as an effective way for minerals to enter the body thus giving human optimum health. Though the use of colloidal silver has no health claims, many users have reported that it helped them as a stress reliever, improved their sports performance, and more.

Colloids are everywhere and most of its uses are very beneficial to us. The next time you eat or use a mayonnaise, you will be reminded that it’s a colloid.

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