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New Learnings: Progesterone

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My mother is already 60 years old. In past decade, she had suffered a great deal with her pre-menopausal period. She had a constant headache and gets stressed easily. While she was undergoing this stage, most of the time she was really hot headed and sensitive. Because of this, she always ends up arguing with almost everyone in the house. I really wanted to help here but I don’t have any idea how to help ease up her situation. So, all we did was understand her.In my recent website surfing, I just discovered that applying or taking progesterone can help ease a woman’s life that is nearing or suffering pre-menopausal stage. It can help prevent PMS cramps, lessen anxiety and many more. Not only has it helped women suffering at this stage but also those who are constantly experiencing a miscarriage. It can help support a pregnancy to successfully push through.

Progesterone is a female hormone that is naturally produced by the human body but sometimes few women don’t produce that much and when you reach a certain age, the production decreases. So some scientists’ tries to find ways to acquire natural progesterone or create a synthetic version just to help women suffering from the lack of it.

Well, for those who are nearing pre-menopausal stage, there is good news for you. Progesterone can now be bought anytime when you need to lessen your struggles. I wish I knew this before. My mom should have experienced a little health adjustments and so as the rest of the family. LOL!!

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