New Learnings: Puppy Mills

It was the first time for me to encounter the phrase puppy mills. As usual, I did a little research since the only word I understood with that phrase is puppy.
After searching, I was lead to puppy mill articles. What I read brought tears to my eyes. I am a pet lover even though I don’t have one because of my kiddo’s asthmatic conditions. Discovering what puppies and kittens have to go through because of illegal backyard breeding just for money is quite disheartening. Though they are just animals, they also have the right to co-exist with humankind. Many sick pets are being killed because of these illegal practices of backyard breeding.

Backyard breeding of pets creates sick pets. A wrong breed creates inferior health for pets, making them sicker and dies several months after buying from the pet store. Some pets are lucky enough to have human handlers to send them to mercy killing, others just leave them die in their pain.

To these people who do backyard breeding, please stop it. Let’s promote safe breeding for healthy pets.


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