New Look for Digital Life Scraps

It’s been awhile since I have taken care of my hobby blog. After changing its name from Pinay Mommy’s DigiScrap and Musings on Life (such a mouthful I should say) to Life and Scraps last month, she got her make over just this early dawn. It kept me awake the whole night.

I wanted to maintain its color and theme including the previous digital elements. So, what I did was just to convert it into a 3-column (using Minima as base) template, added navigation buttons, and deleted useless widgets.It’s not yet finished but if you have time please do visit and check-out her new look!

*click here*


2 thoughts on “New Look for Digital Life Scraps

  1. artistic ka talaga mommy, bakit di ka magtinda ng design, tulungan kita, ehehehe.. Na-miss ko na po kayo, and the rest of the bloggers kasi kainis naman, nasira ang pc ko sa office, wala tuloy ako ym, hope to hear from you..

    I feel lost in the outer space, am I in Mars? where are you mommy and the rest of blogging buddies..

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