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New Look…Again!

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Since it’s still the second month of the New Year, I guess it would not be strange seeing people do some frequent changes within themselves, around them or the things they own. Some may have face lifts, car lifts, home renovation, New Year’s resolutions, but for me I rather have a blog make over!!

Nah…. It’s not an actual make over but some small editing. I am still using the same blog theme “Valentine” but I just opted to change the hearts into my logo. So, if you can see all around my blog, you can see my logo plastered almost everywhere. LOL!! At least my theme is unique because of it.

Anyway, I have not been online that often. My medication has kept me in bed and in the bathroom. I am having a diarrhea as a side effect of my antibiotics. I wish to get relived by it but unfortunately, I need to be treated with my UTI. I believe that the infection is much more dangerous than going to the bathroom every now and then. Oh well, I have few more days to go. I hope all things will be worth it. I hope and pray God will heal me.

So, how did the weekend go for everybody? My husband and I haven’t done anything that much. We just went to the mall with our baby boy and they played all the time and bought a new PS2 DVD. They spent a great time with each other. LOL!!!

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Nevaeh Green June 22, 2010 - 11:29 am

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