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I know it’s very unlike me not to update my main blog daily. Aside from being pregnant, I got stuck with a new fave online. I have been spending time plurking and twittering for the past few days. It started when I asked Mommy Aeirin how to connect my plurk and twitter account. From then on, I couldn’t stop but visiting my plurk page as it automatically updates my tweets at twitter. Since I have installed TwitterFox, I don’t have to login to twitter just to reply to my tweeter followers. I can do it from my browser right there and then. So, that made me unable to update regularly here and even in my other blogs. Forgive me!

By the way, if you wanna plurk and tweet with me, please visit my profile pages and add me:

Last Tuesday I visited my OB doctor. She said that my UTI has shown some improvements based on her physical exam but just to be sure I have to get my urine tested at the lab. She then issued me a lab request to get a urine culture and sensitivity test so that she could recommend proper antibiotics for my UTI. So, I am again scheduled to visit here next week, April 7. By the way, I heard my baby’s heartbeat again and now it’s getting stronger unlike my previous visit last March 9. Anyway, while I was waiting for my OB doctor to arrive, I ate lunch at the hospital’s canteen. Since I didn’t like the viand their selling, I just took in some leche flan and cold fresh milk. It was a delicious combination.

How about you? How was your week so far?

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21 thoughts on “New Online Fave *

  1. I have just installed Twitterfox and I am hooked to it already. I forget I still have things to update and things to do online.

    Hope your UTI will be gone before you give birth. Take care mommy Ruby! 🙂

  2. I am also getting addicted but not with twitter nor with plurk (I don’t have a plurk account yet)

    I am getting addicted with FB(facebook). I can’t stop myself taking the quizzes and I enjoyed them so much…

    Hmm but control should always be implemented hehehe… 😆

  3. i have no plurk account but i do link my tweeter update to my Facebook, so whenever I tweet, it’s automaticaly put in my FB acct as well!
    Tweeter is so cool!!!

  4. wow, i so miss the simple pleasures of having leche flan for dessert—or lunch, in your case 😉 looks yummy in any case.

    hehehe. haven’t tried plurk, but am getting addicted to FB

  5. Hi Mum Rubz,
    Hahaha.. marami na tayong addicts! ➡ 😯
    I do hava a plurk account pero am not that active there. Sa twitter ako active as you can see naman. With twittefox naku very easy to update..hehehe
    Hope okay na UTI mo, hirap pa naman nyan.

  6. I haven’t joined Twitter and Plurk yet, but I’ll make sure to add you when I do 🙂 Glad to hear your UTI is okay too, and that looks like a delicious meal!

    My week’s been okay, just busy as usual. ^^ Take care sis!

  7. oh noes… I’m starting to get addicted *again* with plurk! I was just able to connect my plurk with twitter and my mobile phone, now I’m plurking using my phone! Yikes.

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