New PC Babies!!

Earlier today, I mentioned that I wanted to go shopping. Well, I did but I was not able to buy clothes for myself. Instead, I bought new babies for my PC. Yup! I now have a webcam (A4 Tech PK-635M) and a new set of speakers (Altec Lansing BXR1121). Of course it’s not that good as other people have but I am enjoying it very much! Now, my hubby, relatives and friends can now view my kiddos online while chatting.

Below is a picture of my new PC babies…

Altec Lansing BXR1121

A4 Tech PK-635M

But now, I have to go. My parents, my sibling, my kiddos and I are going out for dinner. I am treating them to shop sumptuous dinner and some shopping picks for my kiddos! See yeah later!!

PS. Thank you LORD for these blessings!! ^_^

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7 thoughts on “New PC Babies!!

  1. wow mommy r! ang saya nman nyan! your PC babies are so cool, happy for you! and i’m sure your babies are also happy w/ the lakwatsa and shopping! =)

  2. Ellow made the right choice with this web camera.. This is the best camera I’ve ever had so far.

    Anyways, musta na man ikaw…hatud ko tag diri sa imo..Feel free to grab it when u have time. Ingatz!

  3. This is the second time I visit your blog and find an interesting article perfectly matching what I was searching for so I decided to add your feed to my RSS Reader. Thanks for you work.

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