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New Place, New Home

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My blogger friend is now living aborad with her husband and kids. After some lonely months being separated from their daddy working abroad, they are now one happy family back there. She’s very happy with her new life, with new adventures and challenges. She was telling so much stories about their new experiences and I can feel how happy and contented she is. It’s also their first time to live separately coz they were living in her husband’s parents for 5 years before.

Being new in their place, she’s still adjusting with the environment especially with the weather. Good thing about it is that, their place is not a crowded city. There are no tall buildings, no crowded people in the malls, there are lots of trees and cows, establishements are only up to 2 storey only and some are metal buildings, and most of all no pollution. I am happy for her that she and her family are enjoying their new place. I would love to live in that kind of place someday.

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