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New Tagline for PMO

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When a person starts blogging, he or she sometimes don’t know what would be the niche of their blogs. For me, I started as a personal blog with all my musings and rants in life. Then later, I started giving out my opinions on many things online through paid and non-paid posts.

Then after a review from The Blog Reviewer, I finally realized that my blog is more than my personal life. It became a mixed bag of my thoughts therefore my previous tagline “musings, rants, opinions and more of a stay-at-home mommy” falls short of my blog’s actual existence in the blogosphere. So today, I decided to change my blog’s tagline to “a mixed bag of thoughts on life online and offline.” I could not be sure that I will hold on to this since the only constant thing in the world is change. I may go to several transitions as days go by but one thing for sure. I will keep my opinions on several things, paid or not, as true as I see it.

To my readers, hope you continue to visit my blog and others to check out on what’s new. I will try to make this blog as FUN and INFORMATIVE as possible. Hope you enjoy your stay always!!

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