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New Year, New Work Place Setup

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Since it’s a brand new year, everybody is up for new changes not only within us but also in the realm of household or workplace organization. I for one am very eager to change the setup of my work place a.k.a. bedroom. My first goal to do this month.

NOTE: This is not my bedroom. Just for visual purpose only.

You see, I am not comfortable of its present setup especially my personal computer’s cable wires are so exposed and disorganized. I am planning to tie them all up with plastic tie wires or use the latest shrink tube to keep them one and neat looking. As for our queen-size bed, I am planning to change its orientation. The present setup of the bed makes our backs exposed to the air conditioning unit’s flow of air which making my back cold and aching. For short, I want the place conducive for work and rest.

How about you? Do you have a home or workplace related goal for this new year?

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