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Do you like fashion but hate the spotlight? Do you like to design clothes instead of wearing them? Then I guess you are looking for a degree in fashion design and merchandising! Learning this craft is not very easy. You must learn the ability of a refine and trendy craftsmanship in terms of fashion designs.
So, where else should you best learn such craftsmanship but in fashion schools New York!Fashion schools in New York have been a target for such studies. It has been an area for great fashion trends and designs. One of New York fashion schools has been renowned for the experience of having to see everything firsthand. Not in theory alone, but seeing every fashion aspects in action. See fashion concepts being tested, accepted and rejected at the same time.Katherine Gibbs School is one of the top choices if you are to consider a degree in fashion design and merchandising. They have a lot of fashion programs to choose from and you can very well find something that would suit your taste. Get more information on their programs by visiting their info page HERE. You will soon find out what it takes to be the next big name in the fashion designing industry.

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