No Post for 24 Hours??

Hello Guys!! I guess you might be wondering why I stopped posting for almost 24 hours?! No opps probably? Well aside from that, I took care of some serious matter like updating my other blogs, paying the bills (darn late!), adjusted my braces (super late), paid my children’s tuition (not late ^_^) and many others that I am so tired to mention. Why? Because I need to finish them all before I leave this afternoon for Bacolod.Yup, you “read” it right! I will be leaving this afternoon for Bacolod City. I will take a blogger’s leave for many many weeks and that obviously means that this blog and so as my other blogs will be in hiatus. Of course, if I don’t find my way to an internet café there. Hehehehe…


Anyway, I will try to “take this opportunity” that doesn’t pay me in dollars to enjoy my time to celebrate the Masskara Festival at Bacolod City with my hubby and friends. The kids will not be coming with me because they have school to attend. But that is not the reason actually; I will be there to take care of my daughter’s school papers that need to be transferred here so that we can get her records here to be able to transfer back there (crazy huh?) and of course, if my hubby and I get settled with this stormy marriage, maybe I will be looking for some cozy home to rent so that we can move back there. Gesh…am I making sense here? I am really sorry but it seems that I couldn’t find the words that I can help me explain the things I wanna say. So bear with me please…. ^_^

I will try to find a convenient internet café there so that I can update my blogs, reply to some email messages and probably make some assignments if I could find one. But for now, I will try to make-up with a few things in life specially my marriage. We need a long talk about it. So, we need to avoid intermission numbers as much as possible. And because of that, I need your prayers…help us get the understanding we need to make this stormy marriage calm down. Thanks in advance.

Many times you have read how much I have gone through this marriage but it seems that my stubborn heart wants to give it another try. I think I am giving up to soon if I don’t give it another round. So this is my moment and I want to give it my best with God’s help!

OK folks, gotta go now, I need to finish some packing. So catch you later! ^_^

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