No Regrets!!

Have you been in a marital argument that caused you to destroy things and regret later on?? Well, I have been in that situation many times. I married at the age of 20 years old and I was too immature to handle a marital relationship.

But after few years, I have grown out of it until recently but this time I didn’t regret it. It took my anger to obliterate something that I should have destroyed a long time ago – my credit cards!! Last Sunday, my hubby and I got into our usual “his pride” arguments. I got so hurt by what he said that I literally folded my credit cards (couldn’t tear it up ^_^). I have four but I was able to destroy the other three only because I forgot the forth one in my other bag.

Actually, I didn’t regret doing it because I always get tempted to use it and end up having more accumulated debts. I was able to pay off my previous bills but my debts are still mounting up because I still use my cards. Since now they are literally useless, I am glad I did it because if I was not mad, I might have not done it and I would still be in the cycle of compounded (interest) pain.

P.S. But I am glad I still have one…in case of emergency. ^_^

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