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I have been sending my hubby text messages lately because I haven’t heard from him. Of course, I do really missed him despite all the things that happened but I did followed-up on him because he haven’t sent us any financial support since we arrived here from Bacolod. When he didn’t replied, I decided to call him and asked how things are going. He told me that he was not able to reply because his mobile phone has no prepaid load. He also told me he was not able to send money from his salary because it was not enough to pay for our outstanding bills there.
OK, I might say he has a valid reason but I still believe it’s not enough. He should have at least made effort to contact me and inform me what’s happening instead leaving me to wonder why he hasn’t sent anything for the children. So, I suggested to him that he should ask their HR department if he could file for a cash advance. The children have needs that should be provided especially for their school. He agreed and told me that he will inform me as soon as possible (and I hoped so).Anyway, I am still “trying” to be optimistic about things even though all my friends have informed me that he has been enjoying life at Bacolod. Well, we should wait and see what will be the outcome in the next few days. I really pray to God that He would help me endure my marital and financial problems and that He would touch my husband’s heart very soon.

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