Not a Perfect Stay at Home Mom

For the past two years, I have lived the career I wanted to have and that is to a stay at home mommy. Though I have more time at home, it doesn’t mean that I am a perfect mother. I have my weaknesses just like I have my strengths.

One of my weaknesses is the ability to organize my time. When I was managing a direct selling branch, everything was easy to manage but when it comes to my home and my children, I was so dumbfounded. I have to learn everything as if I was a new mom. Being a career woman for the past seven years has proven to be futile. What I learned from the outside world was different from what I was about to encounter inside my home.

Right now, I am still not the perfect mom any child would want to have. I am still struggling on how to balance everything. I still make poor choices and sometimes suffer terribly from the consequences. But day by day, I learned to be hopeful. I believe that someday I would be a great mother to my children providing not only their needs but also their wants. Someday I will learn to perfect the skill of a multi-tasking mom!

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