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Not Closing Any Doors

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Though one time in my life I got married, but I never had the chance to wear a wedding dress. I got married so early that both families decided that we should marry immediately in a local court house. It was fast and efficient. And of course, just like how I got married, our relationship ended terribly as well.

Anyway, enough with that unhappy memories, it is time to embrace the new ones and hope for a better future. ^_^

Most of the time, my friends ask me if I wanted to get married again. My answer is always the same – “As of now, no. But in the future, maybe.” I haven’t closed my doors yet to the opportunity of falling in love and growing old with someone; but, I am not currently advertising myself to find would-be husband.

One thing for sure, if I get married again, I would like to marry in a church and wear a wedding dress. I want to experience a real wedding including the reception and honeymoon. I want to experience a real wedding. Nothing too extravagant, a simple wedding will do. I want to do that with my true love. <3

Speaking about wedding, here’s some new 2015 wedding favors that we like at Favor Warehouse. I have been looking at their website lately. I’ve been thinking what would be my wedding be like just in case I find my true love!

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