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Not Yet Too Late to Learn

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Days ago, I’ve been listening to instrumental music in youtube while I was doing some blog updates. Then one guitar selection really wowed me that I  wished I could play the guitar right away. I can play a bit but still I cannot get through a whole song because I cannot memorize all the chords and my fingers get easily tired. So, I wished. Now, wishes can really come true if one works out the wish. It is not  too late to learn the guitar. Right? So I am going to check out g&l guitars sold in Manila the next time I go there and if the price fits my budget, then I would probably purchase one. Me and my eldest can share it and we can learn to play the guitar together this summer. Who knows, we might just be making good music together very soon.

How about you? Can you play the guitar? If not, then join us! This is going to be a fun summer.

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