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I received an email today from somebody that I have invited in the blogosphere to join PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE. He asked me if what I’m doing is legitimate or is it like link farming. So, I replied that I am not doing anything illegal and the reasons for the project was to increase technorati fans, get RSS subscribers and more friends in the blogosphere. And of course I don’t know what link farming is.Then I did a little research about link farming. After what I have read, I now understand why some people sent me an email before that Project Exlinks was very bad. Maybe they thought I was doing some kind of a link farming strategy. And maybe PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE is another.

Ok, to clear things up, what is link farming? This is how Mr. Wiki defines it:

“A link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other page in the group. Although some link farms can be created by hand, most are created through automated programs and services. A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a search engine (sometimes called spamdexing or spamexing). Other link exchange systems are designed to allow individual websites to selectively exchange links with other relevant websites and are not considered a form of spamdexing.”

Now, why does link farming bad? Since search engines rank sites based on links, link farming can affect the results and even Page Ranks. Mr.G also bans sites that do this kind of stuff. It’s against their rules.

To clear things up, is Project Exlinks and PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE a strategy to propagate link farming? My answer is NO! Why?? As Mr. Wiki defines it, linking to relevant websites are not considered link farming. It only happens when irrelevant blogs link together!! Since we are all personal blogs or culture-based blogs, then it is not considered link farming.

Sometimes at first glance, it may look like one but it’s not. You have to understand the meaning of a link farm. In addition, Mr. Webo also defines a link farm as a Web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites. Gesh!! I am sure that my blog is not defined as “a page of links to other sites.” You can read more things here than what you have asked for. LOL!!

And besides, Project Exlinks was designed like any other memes and tags. As I wrote it, “We will be promoting FRIENDSHIP with benefits of FREE backlinks and FREE traffic.” Just as any memes and tags, backlinks and traffic are the benefit of the game of course aside from friends playing and growing close together.

As for PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE, the project is still the same but different in a way. The main motivation is still have friends and it is also a grand game of having a lot of technorati fans, RSS readers and a probable EntreCard dropper. The only thought that came to my mind was helping other people’s blog and mine be noticed by others. Every time I click on my RSS readers and my Techno favorites, it comes up with many interesting things to read. With one click from them, I am on the blog post of a certain blog which in turn translates to traffic. If he has an EntreCard widget, then I will drop on him and maybe even comment if the post really satisfied me.

Aside from that, I have 10,000 EC credits that I won from various contests and blog hopping efforts, instead of advertising my blogs to big names in the blogosphere, why not give it to others and let everybody enjoy it. No contest needed! There are many blogs all over the internet but to get yourself exposed to friends will give you even more traffic than passer bys. Why? Because friends are regular readers and friends share each other’s insights. Friends can learn from each other. And friends recommends blogs to other friends!

Anyway, I can’t convince all. But one thing for sure, I am motivated to build such projects because I wanted to have more friends and help everybody get there blogs and even mine across the blogosphere. If you don’t want to participate, it’s your choice. And my blog is not a LINK FARM.

Don’t worry, a mommy still blogs here. LOL!! I am not trying to be a know-it-all SEO expert. I am just ranting and defending my cause. Hehehehe…muah!!

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Shirley Bongbong May 8, 2008 - 2:11 pm

Hi Pinaymommy,

Maybe they are right. You should check with Google too just to be sure regarding the links. Thanks for dropping at my site. Nice blog.

Asuka May 8, 2008 - 2:47 pm

Hello, I aslo have a second blog. The pagerank is better. Do you think we could be link partenrs for http://lepixelshoppe/scrap4dollars aslo?


Mommy Ruby May 8, 2008 - 3:26 pm

Thanks for leaving me a comment. Usually a link farm is all outgoing links and I am sure my blog is not a link farm. LOL!!!

faeryrowan May 9, 2008 - 5:53 am

indeed, this is far from being a link farm. i’m learning a lot of things here that i don’t easily find somewhere else. =)


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