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In the US, most of their aging parents are sent to nursing homes so that they will be taken good care of. Since this is part of their fast paced culture, many nursing homes have opened opportunities to caring Filipino nurses. If you would notice, most nurses from the Philippines seek their fate abroad. Two of them are my aunties; they are there to work as a nurse and a nursing aid.

By the way, there are many nursing homes abroad. If you’re in Texas or planning to apply somewhere there, you can check out the list at gilbertguide.com. You can browse by category such as assisted living facilities, adult day services, homecare, home health care, hospice or geriatric care managers. They have over 109 best senior care provider listed there, you might as well visit and see.

One of my aunt once said that her friends told her that there are many great nursing homes in El Paso Texas.

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