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Oh Happy Day!!!

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After nine months of waiting, I finally got a text message from my previous employer that my maternity benefit is already available for pick-up. I got so excited and went to their branch here in Cagayan de Oro, all dressed pretty for some mall action afterwards, but when I went there my ex-boss was out and we waited for an hour. And we he arrived, he didn’t know about it because he didn’t checked his email. When he checked and went to the cashier, he found out that the branch collection was already been deposited. So, we went home with no money!
Since I brought my father and my son with me, I decided that we should still go to the mall. I bought my father a new cell phone case and got my old one some repair. The repair took many hours, so we ate pizza while waiting, when we came back the repair was not yet finished. Then my father decided that since we will be out again the next day to get the money, we might as well leave the mobile phone and return the next day after processing my maternity benefit.

When we arrived home, after eating a few over dinner, I hit the bed and slept for awhile. My head really hurt and I felt so tired standing and waiting for the mobile phone to get fixed. Now, I am awake. I couldn’t sleep with much excitement. Finally, I have my money and I can now go to Bacolod in the next few weeks. It might be a sudden decision but I know deep inside my heart that I rather be with my husband than here.

By the way, I just want to thank GOD for answering my prayers. He surely does!!

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