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Since Keanna Reeves’ first public appearance in the issues of political scandals, cosmetic surgery has been made known to everybody. It was no longer the well guarded secret of the rich and famous on how to stay beautiful and young. From then on, many businesses relating to self enhancements have sprung up. But of course, not all are very trusted since many have suffered tragic disfiguration from illegal surgeons.Anyway, aside from face and body enhancements, one of the most popular self enhancement surgery availed mostly by men is hair restoration. The face you can lift but the hair needs to be restored. Baldness is a growing problem among men today; aside from genetic inheritance some say that the stressful lifestyle also triggers this. A Philadelphia hair restoration surgeon is very well known in doing this. His name is Dr. Pistone. Many of his clients are very famous people. They have trusted him because he is known as the most skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons in the field today.

As far as self enhancement is concern, I still suggest that if you want to undergo one, feel free to do so. Just do it with trusted surgeons, be it with the face, the body or the hair to avoid regret.

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