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On Moving and HDMI Cables

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Most of you know that my family and I have just moved back to our homeland a few months back. But even before we have totally settled down, we are already thinking of moving again, this time to the capital city of the country. You probably think we have gone nuts about moving. Not quite. Time and consequences are the main reasons why we are contemplating this move again.

Having said that and with nary any concrete plans yet, I am already thinking of what we need to purchase for the big move. Well, it’s better to be prepared than be caught off-guard, right? Since my livelihood depends on computers, I have a feeling I would need some good sets of hdmi video cables.

Just the thought of moving, again, seems overwhelming especially if you consider the distance. But then again, we all want to make our lives better, right? The decision to move is mainly anchored on that.

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