One Big Family

Now my sister is here with us. I am very happy. We know now that she is safe and mom is not worrying anymore. But when my sister arrived, she brought with her a 3 year old dog. She said that this dog was the only family she has when she was in Manila away from us.

And since we have two dogs now, I am planning to make an improvise dog bed. I think our dogs need a place to rest up their weary bodies from guarding when we are asleep or not at home.

I am not a dog person but I am a pet person and so as the whole family. Now, we have two cats and two dogs. We are one big family!

5 thoughts on “One Big Family

  1. hi mommy rubz, i missed reading your blog. Its nice that you have a new bantay. I just had a sad story with my dog recently

  2. What are you making your improvised dog bed out of? From experience, what works best are foot rugs and carpets šŸ™‚ Dogs love those, they’re inexpensive plus they’re easy to clean once they get dirty.

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