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One of My Proudest Moment

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When you are 40 years old and someone asks you of your proudest moment, well, it would be very hard to choose one because I have a lot of moments in my life that I felt very proud already. But if you ask me for just one proud moment, then I will choose the one that happened in March 2016 – the moving up ceremonies of all my three children.

One of My Many Proudest Moment

Yes, I am choosing that one moment in time when all my three children were moving up in their academic journey in life. Bella, my youngest just finished preschool, Johann, my middle children finished elementary, while Micah, my eldest finished junior high school. Being a single mom, I felt the proudest during those moments.

Micah’s Moving Up

It is not every day that you get to see all your children moving up in their academic journey together. I mean not in one day, but all of them in one month. And not to mention, their accomplishment has become my accomplishment as well. It was hard for me since I was a single mom but we all did it! We made it through all these!

Johann’s Moving Up

But of course, it was not only because of us, but it was also the grace of God that sustained us during these moments. He provided us with what we needed. I am thankful for the blessings He has given us.

Bella’s Moving Up

Another Recent Proudest Moment

And since there was no rule in this blogging challenge that you can only mention one proudest moment, so I decided to include this one. So, just last year, I started teaching and with that came with an advisory class. I taught English and Science to other graders and MAPEH to my grade four advisory class.

My Advisory Class

I can say that teaching has become my recent proudest moment because I never expected to be given this opportunity to take care of other children aside from my own. I mean as a parent, taking care of your own children is given but being responsible for little lives aside from your own children is a different thing. Though it only happened within the confines of the school, you get to think about them outside. Your life gets to expand because of the children that were entrusted to you.

Though our school year ended abruptly due to COVID19, I felt totally proud that I became their second mother at school. It makes me feel proud. Despite how our school year went, God has been gracious. Somehow, I can confidently say we ended the year with a BANG! And yeah… I missed them already. There was no closure. Chos!

Blogging Challenge 5/30 – DONE!

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Jennifer A Juan April 5, 2020 - 5:01 pm

Sooooo proud of you, momsh!!! Keep it up! May God guide and bless you more on your life’s journeys. <3

P.S. When I think about homeschooling Tuz, I am honestly paralyzed because where will I get the time??? I have a million clients I deal with every day and I don't know if I can give up one (unless they give up on me). Then I read this post of yours about your 3 kids moving up their academic journey and you helped them do it all as a single mom, a VA, a CDO blogger president, and now as a teacher too plus so many more roles you play every single day. I AM AMAZED!!! You inspire me mommy Ruby! Sana makaya ko rin. Isa na nga lang anak ko, nakakahiyang hindi ko kayanin. Lol! Keep it up! Continue to inspire moms and clueless ladies like me. God bless you more!!!


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