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Have you ever experienced data loss? You got a serious bug in your PC and you have no choice but reformat it and losing all data? Well, I did. One time I downloaded something from the internet and it turned out to be an ADWARE. It kept on popping and popping and it wouldn’t end. So, I decided to send it to a PC clinic and have it reformat and all my data were lost. I had a hard time collecting and remembering all my passwords. But what really saddens me is that I lost all my important emails of payment receipts which are vitally important to online banking supports.

Anyway, I was able to come across a new system on safeguarding data by using an online backup service. At iBackUp.com, they will provide you 10GB of online storage for your data for only $9.95 a month but you can avail of their FREE trial so that you can test their system. Now, they have not only opened their online backup service on PC data storage alone but also data coming from iPhones and other handheld devices. They also have latest enhancements that can allow ibackup for Mac.

By the way, when you use their services, you don’t have to store data only but you can also share them with others. Online backup is a great alternative resource for data storage not only for PCs but also for mobile data. Don’t forget you can try their services for FREE; just visit their website at iBackUp.com.

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