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We have heard a lot of online games being played by younger generation. There are numerous games that can be played online and now even social networking sites offer online games to its user. But before the age of Farmville, Plant Vs Zombies, RPG games and Cafe World, there is an online game that have been giving happiness and entertainment to people, specially the older generations. A lot of you have heard about and some of you have tried it before, it’s online casino. And like your typical Casino, you play different games here.

One of the most popular casino game is slot machine. A lot of people swear their luck in this game. There are a lot of Hollywood movies that includes a scene or two with a the character playing a slot machine (remember Cameron Diaz movie?). One of the reason why it is a favorite of many is the chances of hitting the jackpot is big and with just a small amount you can win big.

Another casino game that you can play in online gaming site is Poker. This is a card game and although this is best played face to face, most online gaming sites offer Poker. Why not when in fact card games is one of the most popular entertainment to a lot of people.

Blackjack is another game that is played, and also the classic Bingo can be played on online gaming sites. Most of you for sure is familiar with Bingo. It’s a game that is being played everywhere, in carnivals, in malls and as mentioned even on online games.

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