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One of the characteristics of a good survey is that the answers would well represent the people’s ideas, with the respondents coming from all walks of life. This in itself is a challenge because in reality, it is hard to say our survey is successful since the answers would not necessarily represent the ideas of the entire populace in a certain area. Many people question the credibility of surveys, but they are necessary and have to be done.

Composing questions for survey alone would be one tough job. The one conducting it should bear in mind that he or she is open to the responses of the people, which do not have to necessarily agree with his or her own opinions. In other words, questions should be as neutral and unbiased as possible.

Here are some tips for making survey questions:
1. Keep it short and simple. Do not use complicated words, and make it as brief as you can.
2. I have mentioned this awhile ago: your question should not mislead your respondents. Be unbiased. Be open to their answers.
3. Focus with one question at a time.
4. Your questions should have answers that would lead to your research. Do not be tempted to get out of the main topic.
5. Review your questions. Get rid of those questions that would either mislead your respondents, or may not necessarily be there in the first place. Edit, re edit and be open to more changes.

Since we are now in the internet age, surveys cannot just be limited within a small scope or range. For international companies, for example, they need a data that is accurate and something that respondents all over the world can respond to. But how? It was mentioned awhile ago that surveys conducted in big cities with hundreds of thousands of people could be proven to be insignificant or not reliable at all, let alone attempting to conduct a survey from all over the world—talk about 7 billion people!

That can only be possible with the help of a survey software. With it, you can easily do a survey. An online survey software is reliable, accurate and fast! You can get your desired results from respondents all over the globe, in all walks of life. No need to do manual tallying, no need to do house to house Q and A. Amazing! Another wonder technology has brought us.

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