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I know a lot of friends who met their partners online. Friends who have trusted and ended up having a lasting relationship with the ones they met online. But I know nof many also who have been cheated. They have trusted and ended up broken hearted. There are a lot of men outhere who will try to impose as single men and want to meet other women online. Meeting online would be the safest form for them as the person they’re trying to make friends with will not know their real status. And some woment could be so trusting. It is definitely sad that women are cheated. That’s why, there’s this women savers website that caters to all women who are looking for partners on the web. Here you will find that there are dating expert who would give advise to women to properly screen the men they’re dating online. It is important that before anything falls, women have to do a background check and personality check. This website offers a database rating men, especially targeting abusive and cheating men. Ha! I wish this is available in Asia too. Because there’s also a lot of abusive and cheating men outside America. Well… I guess this is good enough as Asian women tend to date western men online. Well wherever you are in part of the world, my fellow women, let us do a thorough research and rate before we date men online to be safer. And no, I don’t date men online if you’re wondering. I already have a husband and I don’t intend to date another one. This one is just a call for other women who are intending to do so. Let us all be safe. Yeah?

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