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It’s been awhile that I have been blogging. As we all know, I started to blog because of a depression situation and then later on because of fun and friendship. Now, aside I am very addicted to it because of the friends I have met. I have found way to make money with it as well. Of course, through the help of my blogging friends. Recently, they have introduced to me the company named Blogvertise. They told me that this company pays you for blogging.

So, I went to their site and found out that they really are in the business of paying their bloggers and giving satisfying results to their advertiser. Not only does it says “we pay you to blog” but they are an actual company that has proven itself to a lot of bloggers in the world. Blogvertise is a legal company and has helped a lot of people already especially mommies like me who have traded the corporate world just to stay at home with the kids.

Blogvertise has proven itself also to my friends. Many of my blogger friends, asked me to check this company out. One of them mentioned that the staff of this company are very friendly as she has encountered most of them. So for me, I am pretty hopeful to be a part of this company soon enough. I would be happy to take a slice of their cake.

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