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Our Daily Breakfast Routine When My Children Were Younger


I have three kids and all of them are grown up already. My youngest is 12 years old. But it seems like it was just yesterday when all of them were small kids. I remember how we go about day by day as we prepare meals and go on our ways… school… work… and then back home.

My daily routine with my children was simple. I wake them up. Then after a few minutes, I asked them to take a bath. While breakfast is being prepared, we also prepare a warm glass of milk. We don’t have much of a budget for supplements before, but I made sure they were able to drink milk. Then we have breakfast before going.

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Anyway, that is my daily breakfast routine when my children were younger. We always have milk in the morning. We still do, but we, the adults, put milk on our coffee. We haven’t separated ourselves from our “dairy” diet.

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