Our Pet Dog Sprikanights

Since we have transferred to our new house, our old pet dog Sprikanights have moved back with us. When we took her from our previous landlady who temporarily took care of her, she was very happy but not that active anymore. Sprikanights grew thin and weak when we left her. She was not fed like we used to feed her.

When she arrived, she was also shocked to see that we already have another pet dog plus two cats. I am not sure she was happy but I think she didn’t like what she saw. We made pet beds for her and the others so that all of them would feel comfortable.

As weeks have passed by, Sprikanights grew very sickly and weak. She doesn’t eat and always sleeps. Now, I am really worried if she would live another month. My mom saw blood stains in her poop the other day and she said maybe Sprikanights was poisoned or already very sick. I also said maybe she is just sad of what happened to her and is taking all things to heart.

Anyway, Sprikanights is still under observation. We took her off the leash just to give her space. We also buy her food that she wants to eat just to make sure she eats to gain weight and have energy. Hope she get well soon.

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